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Course dates: 9 Nov 2021  |  Duration: 1 day
4x 90min sessions

Effective Public Speaking and Presentation

Being able to present in public, whether in front of an audience or a client, has become a part of business life.  Whether it is your body language or interaction with the audience, it is the impact that you make, and the ability to organise your thoughts and speak confidently will make the distinction between success and failure. 

This highly engaging and interactive course will give participants the opportunity to structure themselves and information in an authoritative and entertaining way and deliver it clearly and concisely.

This course is aimed at senior managers and above, who want to start presenting with confidence.

Course features and benefits

This stimulating and informal course has a very high level of participation. Delegates will be required to give two short presentations and receive feedback. 

Delegates will also be filmed, which will be used as a basis for individual and group coaching.

Presentations will be delivered in a consistent and professional image of individuals and the organisation.


Essentials of professional presentations

  • The voice and how to use it

Understanding body language

Organising thoughts and ideas

  • Getting your message across
  • Effective Breathing and overcoming nerves

Creating the “Wow” Factor

  • Energy and passion
  • Using visual aids
  • Handling questions and interruptions

Presenting virtually

Course objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • Structure a presentation clearly and logically and keep the audience’s interest
  • Use the audience to good effect
  • Handle questions fluently and politely 
  • Create a professional impression
  • Reduce nerves and stress
  • Persuade people to ideas and services
  • Win and retain business

Course leader

Gerard Hargreaves

Gerard is an international business coach and course leader, working with individuals and groups to help improve effectiveness and performance. For 11 years he worked with an international consultancy firm, specialising in helping organisations identify training needs – but then became Head of Director Development, at Institute of Directors. Gerard’s range of clients is broad, and he even has the time to broadcast for BBC and radio. He is a member of CIPD, IoD and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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