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Course dates: 06 Jul,  06 Oct 2021  |  Duration: 1 day (face-to-face only) 

Chairing Meetings Effectively

A well-run meeting can be a great source of culture building and teamwork, and to motivate individuals to collaborate further. However, when they go badly, organisations can miss an opportunity to inspire teams, or worst still, lose that all important client. This highly interactive programme will ensure delegates get the most from the meetings they chair, by improving participant contributions and reach meeting objectives.

This course is aimed at all directors and senior executives, keen to develop skills and techniques to enable them to chair meetings successfully.

Course features and benefits

You will learn about the value and use of meetings, and the importance of your role as chair.

Provides practical, real life examples to focus on how to shape the outcome of meetings.


Principles and roles within effective meetings

  • Types of meetings
  • Characteristics and structure of effective meetings
  • Role of chairperson, facilitator, minute taker and attendees

Meeting Agendas

  • Producing the meeting agenda
  • Scheduling the agenda items and managing attendance
  • Achieving the desired outcome/s
  • Managing action plans

Meeting Dynamics – Managing participation 

  • Recognising natural roles people take within a meeting
  • Channelling the different behaviours
  • Techniques to manage participation and channel energy
  • Using questions to manage participation
  • Challenges of chairing a meeting virtually

Facilitation Skills

  • Methods available to facilitate discussion

Meeting skills practice – this course will be highly participatory, working on live business meetings with review and observer feedback

Course objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • To understanding of the roles and expectations within effective meetings
  • Define the purpose of the meeting and develop tools to be able to achieve the meeting outcomes
  • Develop skills to Chair effectively and techniques to manage different behaviours and energy levels within a meeting

Course leader

Gerard Hargreaves

Gerard is an international business coach and course leader, working with individuals and groups to help improve effectiveness and performance. For 11 years he worked with an international consultancy firm, specialising in helping organisations identify training needs – but then became Head of Director Development, at Institute of Directors. Gerard’s range of clients is broad, and he even has the time to broadcast for BBC and radio. He is a member of CIPD, IoD and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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