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Course dates: 10 September, 1 October  |  Duration: 1 day

Getting Elected in 2022

Gaining a knowledge and understanding of how elections and campaigns work, and the part you will play, is key to your success at the local government elections in 2022. This interactive programme will provide delegates an opportunity to explore and develop their campaigning skills and bring themselves up to date with the latest digital platforms.

This course is aimed at aspiring councillors and those keen to develop requisite skills or refresh their knowledge.

Course features and benefits

Gain insights into the electoral process and how campaigns work within it, along with campaign strategy and tactics.

Provides real life examples on the modern-day challenges and the way that campaigning is evolving.


Election Essentials

Understanding the essential components of an election campaign in order to prepare for the challenge ahead:

  • Understanding your electoral numbers
  • Organising your campaign
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Nominations
  • Election Expenses
  • The Count

Campaign Essentials

An insight into the most important elements of your campaign, communications and how to organise at each phase of the process:

  • Understanding your electorate, and the data surrounding your target audience
  • Target audiences
  • Communications
  • Other campaign phases

Digital Essentials

How to use websites and social media to engage and inform your electorate and help grow your support:

  • What is the “Digital Space”?
  • Websites and social media
  • Do’s and don’ts with digital

Key Areas Covered

  • The election process, timetables, and the legal necessities
  • Understanding the electorate
  • Organising your team, campaign strategy and planning
  • Communicating with the right people at the right time
  • Getting the votes
  • Digital campaigning

Course Objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • Provide an understanding of how elections work
  • Equip you with the skillset to plan and deliver your campaign effectively
  • Gain insights into the role of digital platforms and social media

Course leader

John Moss (and a Digital Campaign professional)

John is a political organiser and fundraiser. For over 20 years he has worked with individuals in strategic planning, ground campaign organisation, team building, and training. He has been involved with all elections in London since 2000, including the first election for Mayor of London. He has specialised in training activists, parliamentary candidates, and constituency officers around media and campaigning, as well as supported constituencies and council groups in creating submissions for local government and parliamentary boundary reviews. John currently delivers courses on “Getting Elected in 2022” and “Understanding Government”.

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