The latest news, opinion and updates from College Green Group’s personal development programmes.

Can the Great Resignation be stopped?

Mental health is the new front for companies to fight the ‘great resignation’. Increasingly employees and employers are feeling isolated and questioning their future. Only addressing the cause of these feelings can prevent this exodus.

Parliamentary staff training – Realise your potential (and budget)

Like most skills, practice makes perfect – well, nearly. Parliamentary staff have a large budget from which to draw when it comes to training, but so often it isn’t used or event advertised to them. College Green Group Academy has the solution.

Data theft

Cybersecurity – The firewall protecting your business

For more and more businesses, digital is the way forward. The more that realise this, the more opportunities for data thieves. Why need a cybersecurity strategy? Because your business cannot afford to not have one.

How necessary is a social media strategy?

In an age of digitisation, companies are increasingly projecting themselves onto social media. However, many are not. Just how crucial is a social media strategy, and how can it contribute towards your overall business goal?

COP26: Businesses are the guards against environmental inertia

COP26 is fast approaching and the UK Government have set itself some bold aims to tackle global warming. However, businesses are adopting equally ambitious targets and their increased proactivity in sustainable and environmental goals. Could business be a new guard against governmental inaction?

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