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Course dates: 22 Apr, 26 Oct 2022  |  Duration: 1 day

Politics in the Boardroom

A healthy dose of conflict be healthy for a board. If this is done correctly, it can be practical and a tonic for good discussion. When left unchecked however, it can have disastrous consequences for the effectiveness of board meetings and the organisation. This highly interactive programme will give delegates an opportunity to identify the power struggles and deal with them more effectively.

This course is aimed at directors, keen to develop the requisite skills to enable them to have the confidence to make more informed decisions about their company.

Course features and benefits

You will learn about how to make more of an impact in the boardroom, and get the results you need to analyse the power struggles in the organisation, and learn how to use them more effectively. Provides practical, real-life examples to focus on the modern-day challenges faced by the board.


Introduction and Course Objectives

  • Course Leader and participants (Getting to know who is in the virtual room)
  • What is of particular interest to you and why?

Effective Boards

  • Board composition, team dynamics, identifying disfunction
  • Focus on what matters
  • Understanding why some directors get on and others clash

Building Consensus

  • Conflict versus tension
  • Aligning to strategy and managing risk

Decision Making

  • Human and behavioural science aspects of decision making
  • Understanding when to compromise
  • How to engage and resolve when tensions run high

Corporate Governance

  • Managing board meetings
  • Key duties of directors (Companies Act 2006)
  • Corporate Governance Codes – the main principles
  • Good boardroom practice

Course leader

Raj Gandhi

Over 25 years, Raj has held board positions specialising in finance, treasury, governance, and risk within the financial, energy and retail sectors. His knowledge and expertise have inspired him to become a course leader for the last 10 years, delivering for institutions like ACCA, ICAEW and IoD.

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