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Course dates: 28 Jun,  23 Aug,  11 Oct 2021  |  Duration: 1 day consisting of three 90 minute sessions 

Preparing for a Directors’ Role

The company director is one of the most important roles in a company, and the part they play determines your business’ success. This highly interactive programme will provide delegates an opportunity to explore and develop their own personal leadership styles, as well as discover what lies at the heart of a high-performing director.

This course is aimed at aspiring and existing directors, keen to develop requisite skills or refresh their knowledge.

Course features and benefits

Gain insights into current practices to enhance executive presence and elevate mindset to tackle the many challenges of this crucial role. Reflect on innovative ways to test the design of strategy, tackle business priorities and plan for emerging challenges. Explore contemporary issues concerning corporate governance and risk management.

Provides practical, real life examples to focus on the modern-day challenges and the way the directors role is evolving.


Introduction and Course Objectives

  • Course Leader and participants (Getting to know who is in the virtual room)
  • What is of particular interest to you and why?

Directors responsibilities

  • Legal, fiduciary and other duties and responsibilities of a Director
  • Directors duties and why they are so important?

Corporate governance

  • Corporate Governance Codes – the main principles

Executive dashboard

  • Progress versus strategic imperatives (internal and external facing perspectives)

Strategy and planning

  • Strategic engagement / goal congruence / concrete outcomes
  • Stress testing initiatives for growth
  • Case Study: What does governance mean and what happens when it goes wrong?

Financial prudence and performance monitoring

  • Insightful analysis (trends, competitor, decision choices, key metrics)

Risk management

  • Building risk profiles, developing risk responses (on e.g. COVID-19, cyber, social media)

Executive presence

  • Becoming influential
  • Commanding priorities, top concerns
  • Managing the complex needs of a growing number of stakeholders
  • Discussion: Building internal / external presence with reputation for excellence

Recap and closing discussion

  • Reflections and key takeaways

Course objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • Know the statutory duties of directors, key attributes and how to rise to the challenge
  • Appraise the design of current strategy to boost performance
  • Explore the meaning of effective corporate governance
  • Enhance decision-making capability by focusing on areas that require immediate attention
  • Developing executive presence, enhancing personal effectiveness and influence
  • Learn about effective risk management frameworks

Course leader

Raj Gandhi

Over 25 years, Raj has held board positions specialising in finance, treasury, governance, and risk within the financial, energy and retail sectors. His knowledge and expertise have inspired him to become a course leader for the last 10 years, delivering for institutions like ACCA, ICAEW and IoD

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