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Course dates: 25 Nov 2021  |  Duration: 1 day, 3 x 90 minute sessions

Assessing and managing risk

Companies are under more pressure to deliver, and the cost of failure is higher than ever. However, if time is given to project management, evaluating the risks, and the opportunities beforehand could be the deciding factor between success and failure. Assessing and managing risk is therefore an essential part of doing business.

This highly interactive programme will give participants the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in the governance of risk.

This course is aimed at existing executive and non-executive directors, risk officers, compliance, assurance teams and planning teams who want to enhance their risk management activity.

Course features and benefits

A case study approach is used throughout to focus on modern-day practices and challenges in managing risk.

There will be ample opportunity for you to contribute to discussions with your peers and draw on the experiences of your course leader.


Induction and Course Objectives

  • Course Leader and participants (Getting to know who is in the virtual room)
  • What is of particular interest to you and why?

Board’s role in risk oversight

  • The importance of tone at the top
  • Differing expectations and perspectives (Board, Shareholders, other stakeholders)
  • Seeking assurance on the effectiveness of risk management policies
  • The personal risks facing directors

Risk and strategy

  • Impact of the digital revolution, climate change and geopolitical risks
  • Formulating Risk Policy

Types of risk

  • Good versus bad risk
  • Risk Universe: grouping risks into business, financial and operational risks
  • Risk Heat Maps versus Risk Registers
  • Fortifying risk culture, determine risk appetite and risk tolerance

Developing a fit-for-purpose risk framework

  • Current state of the corporate enterprise risk management framework
  • Framing response to major risks
  • Raising risk awareness

Sustaining risk framework

  • Embedding and improving risk management organisation wide
  • Tracking and reporting early warning signs of potential problems
  • Building dynamic approach to risk management

Course objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • Become aware of corporate governance expectations
  • See the benefits and challenges in identifying, assessing new and emerging risks
  • Frame your response to risk
  • Create techniques to embed and improve risk management organisation wide.
  • Track and report early warning signs of potential problems

Course leader

Raj Gandhi

Over 25 years, Raj has held board positions specialising in finance, treasury, governance, and risk within the financial, energy and retail sectors. His knowledge and expertise have inspired him to become a course leader for the last 10 years, delivering for institutions like ACCA, ICAEW and IoD

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