Cyber-Security for Business

£295 +VAT     Virtual This workshop is aimed at any business leader who wishes to know more about breaches that can come from both internal as well as external sources; and to further their intelligence to protect their brand. Available dates: 26 Apr, 28 Jul, 6 Oct 2022

Assessing & Managing Risk

£395 +VAT     Virtual Companies are under more pressure to deliver, and the cost of failure is higher than ever. However, if time is given to project management, evaluating the risks, and the opportunities beforehand could be the deciding factor between success and failure. Assessing and managing risk is therefore an...

Impactful Leadership

£395 +VAT     Virtual This highly interactive programme will give delegates an opportunity to identify the power struggles and deal with them more effectively. Available dates: 29-30 Apr, 15-16 Jun, 19-20 Sep, 7-8 Nov 2022

Sustainable Strategies

£395 +VAT     Virtual This highly interactive programme will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their strategic capability and how to sustain and grow their business. Available dates: 14 Feb, 23 May, 26 Aug, 16 Nov 2022

Effective Public Speaking and Presentation

£595 +VAT     Face to face This highly engaging and interactive course will give participants the opportunity to structure themselves and information in an authoritative and entertaining way and deliver it clearly and concisely. Available dates: 16 Feb, 21 Jun, 18 Oct 2022

Negotiation Skills and Techniques

£595 +VAT     Face to face This highly engaging course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles and tactics to achieve successful outcomes and develop productive business relationships that will save you time, money and even your reputation. Available dates: 8 Mar, 5 Jul, 2 Nov...

Preparing for a Directors’ Role

£395 +VAT     Virtual For aspiring and existing Directors, this course develops key skills and refreshes knowledge, enhancing executive presence while elevating your mindset. Available dates: 20 Apr, 13 Jul, 19 Oct 2022

Assessing Financial Health

£395 +VAT     Virtual Designed to help Directors develop requisite skills or refresh their knowledge on analysing and interpreting key information from accounts. Available dates: 16 Feb, 25 May, 24 Aug, 23 Nov 2022

Effective Networking Skills

£295 +VAT     Face to face For Directors and Senior Executives who are keen to develop skills and techniques enabling more successful networking. Available dates: 23 Jun, 13 Sep, 7 Dec 2022

Chairing Meetings Effectively

£595 +VAT     Face to face Chairing meetings is a key skill needed by Directors and Senior Executives, this course develops the necessary skills and techniques to do so. Available dates: 8 Jun, 12 Oct 2022

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