College Green Group has been supporting parliamentarians and business leaders for over 20 years, and our suite of Professional Development programmes has been specifically designed to build confidence and enhance your knowledge in all areas of business, fusing that understanding of both the political and business world.

Our practical and interactive courses will equip you with the skills needed to tackle new or existing challenges and gain an understanding of the complexities of leading an organisation.

We are currently offering virtual courses both publicly and privately, and we have a team of executive coaches that can assist with any specific requirements to deliver on a 1:1 basis. We will look to deliver face-to-face courses later in the year.

At College Green Group, we believe that Professional Development is an ongoing journey, beneficial at all levels of one’s career. Whether you are looking to refresh your knowledge, refine your leadership style or unravel the mysteries of finance, we will be able to provide a solution for you and your team.

As part of College Green Group, our Professional Development division operates under the same guiding principles.

Upcoming courses

Social Media Strategy

£695 +VAT    

This course is aimed at any business leader who wishes to promote their brand, harness opportunities to further their market intelligence, and create customer loyalty through social media tools and techniques.

2x 1/2 days.

Available dates: 25-26 Nov 2021


Impactful Leadership

£695 +VAT

This highly interactive programme will give delegates an opportunity to identify the power struggles and deal with them more effectively.

Duration: 1 day
3x 90min sessions

Available dates: 23 Nov 2021


Effective Public Speaking and Presentation

£695 +VAT

This highly engaging and interactive course will give participants the opportunity to structure themselves and information in an authoritative and entertaining way and deliver it clearly and concisely.

Duration: 1 day
4x 90min sessions

Available dates: 9 Nov 2021


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